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Thermogen Tea 38 servings 600 grams $12.48

THERMOGEN TEA contains ephedra, a natural herb that has been safely used for over five thousand years as a tonic, nasal decongestant, and for relief of gastric cramps and asthma. Research has shown that ephedra is a powerful natural thermogenic agent, causing the body's brown fat cells (BAT) to burn excess body fat. Used on a regular basis, most people will achieve a steady and noticeable loss of stored body fat, at a rate of several pounds per week, without exercise and while eating full, balanced meals.

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1 tablespoon (one serving) of THERMOGEN TEA contains:
* Essential for human nutrition but no established RDA.
** Need in human nutrition not established
DIRECTIONS: Place one well rounded tablespoon of THERMOGEN TEA in a cup and add 4 oz. of hot or cold water. Allow to stand for a minute. Tastes even sweeter over ice. Fiber may settle out. May be strained for those who prefer a tea without fiber. Drink up to three cups a day, preferably about an hour before meals. Since the tea is naturally stimulating (somewhat less so than coffee), it may cause insomnia in some people if consumed late in the day. We suggest you start out drinking only two cups daily, before breakfast and lunch, and gradually add a third serving before dinner. Do NOT exceed three servings a day.
CAUTION: Drinking too much tea too fast can result in hand tremor, nervousness, restlessness, excessive stimulation, or insomnia (similar to drinking too much coffee, tea or cola drinks). Tolerance usually develops rapidly to these effects, but not to the thermogenesis.

Do not drink this tea if your are pregnant or lactating. Person with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease (especially cardiac arrhythmia), diabetes, prostatic hypertrophy, glaucoma (angle closure), hyperthyroidism, psychosis, or thyroid disease must NOT drink any tea containing ephedra herb. Do not drink any ephedra containing herb tea within 14 days after taking MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitor drugs, such as certain antidepressants. If symptoms of allergy develop, discontinue use. Elderly persons may be more sensitive to an ephedrine containing tea. If you are taking prescription anorectic, antidepressants, or cardiovascular medications, ask your physician before drinking an ephedra herb tea.

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