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Arthred Collagen Powder 300 grams $25.46

Clinically reported to nutritionally support healthy joint function.
Arthred is a predigested collagen powder used for supplementation of the bulk material used in the manufacture and repair of connective tissue.

When using gelatin, a common form of collagen, what's really important is to look at the potential for absorption by the body. Researchers determine this by looking at the molecular mass of the individual gelatin "chunks", which are measured in kilodaltons. With commercial gelatin, the most common form of collagen, the average molecular weight of the collagen particles is about 70 kilodaltons, which is a pretty good sized chunk. There may be a few smaller pieces of collagen that can be digested, but most of the gelatin will just pass through your system.

This means that in order to get a meaningful dose of collagen from a source such as commercial gelatin you would have to drink so much that it would cause a very severe case of diarrhea. Researchers attempting to do this with high doses have found that it's just not tolerable - it causes severe gastrointestinal reactions, and has just never worked out clinically in a consistent fashion.

The main difference with Arthred is that the developer devoted a lot of time on a unique proprietary process that breaks collagen down into very small pieces. The average size of collagen in Arthred is 3 kilodaltons, which is very small. Arthred is a unique collagen source that is extremely digestible, backed by a tremendous amount of research that documents the effectiveness of this material. Because of previous problems with cruder collagen products, researchers paid a lot of attention to gastrointestinal responses when conducting human trials with Arthred. Their studies found that less than 1% of trial subjects reported any problem with the substance, so, from the standpoint of collagen support, this product is a real home run.

For more information, see Jerry Stine on Arthritis

Suggested Use: Mix one (1) heaping tablespoon of powder into 8 oz. of water, juice or sports drink.

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