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ArthRelief Analgesic Copper Cream 2 oz. $15.95

ArthRelief is a unique topical analgesic menthol cream that contains copper. ArthRelief was designed to be applied directly to tender or sensitive joints or to a joint area that has been injured.

Copper plays a fundamental role in human health mechanisms and a large number of health problems are related to deficiencies of this nutrient. Copper is essential for anti-inflammatory activities in the body, and is required for production of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme vital to human health. For example, cancer has a very difficult time getting started in a cell if copper SOD is present, and the research documenting copper levels and cancer is amazing. One study measured copper levels in individuals exposed to asbestos and found that those with the lowest copper levels had the highest incidence of cancer, so the protective effects of copper in cancer are just tremendous.

In developing ArthRelief for connective tissue support the focus on copper was due to its ability to help create a strong connective tissue matrix for the joints. Simply increasing the mass of connective tissues is a great start, but if the collagen fibers aren't strongly bound together what you end up with is a soft spongy mass that can break down rapidly under normal wear and tear. Copper's ability to cross link collagen insures that the connective tissues are strong, maintain their integrity and don't break down easily.

Twenty or thirty years ago people wore copper bracelets to help with arthritis, and a very good double-blind study found that wearing copper bracelets did actually confer some relief. Researchers studied people who reported the greatest relief and discovered that these people had a unique lipid skin structure that solubilized and absorbed copper directly into their skin.

After four years of research our primary chemist was able to identify and duplicate the specific lipid mechanisms and copper complexes that were at work. Now the research done in Europe involved intravenous administration of specific copper complexes. But when our chemist tried to deliver these specialized copper compounds orally we found that they weren't being absorbed. Finally it occurred to us that, since we wanted to deliver the copper into the joints, and since our joints are pretty exposed places, we could deliver the copper through the skin, and ArthRelief was the result.

Application: For chronic problems or acute injury, use twice a day. ArthRelief copper cream is a light blue color, indicating the area of application. Simply apply a coating and let it sit for a minute or two to dry slightly, and then rub it into the skin until the blue is absorbed. There is no trace of color or other cosmetic sign of use.

For more information, see Connective Tissue Support Protocols

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