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Guggal-Lip Ayurveda Formula 90 tablets $26.95

Ancient Ayurveda Formula Benefits Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
Guggal-Lip contains Guggul, an extract from the purified resin of the Commiphora Mukul tree of India. Guggal is one of the most important herbs used in Ayurveda, and is considered vital for the prevention of "sluggish metabolism", particularly with respect to fats. Of greater interest to many in the west is the fact that this ancient Indian plant contains compounds that can help reduce cholesterol as effectively as drugs, but without toxic side effects.

Gugulipid's impact on cholesterol and triglycerides can be quite startling. When the diet is supplemented with gugulipid, cholesterol levels typically drop 11 to 27 percent in four to twelve weeks, while triglyceride levels drop 22 to 30 percent. These are extremely significant reductions.

The effect of gugulipid on serum cholesterol and triglycerides compares favorably to that of lipid-lowering drugs which are associated with some degree of toxicity. In contrast, no side effects have been reported with gugulipid.

Gugulipid is the purified standardized extract of crude gum guggul (oleoresin ). The active components of gugulipid are guggulsterone Z and E. Other components of gugulipid include various diterpenes, sterols, steroids, esters, and fatty alcohols. Gugulipid is preferred to crude gum guggul because it is safer and more effective. In early studies, gum guggul was linked with mild side effects such as skin rashes, gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhea. In contrast, no side effects have been reported with gugulipid. Apparently, the insoluble irritants of gum guggul are removed in the production of the soluble gugulipid.

RESEARCH: Numerous scientific studies have shown gugulipid effectively supports healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Gugulipid supports low levels of LDL ("bad") cholesterol and high levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol. HDL cholesterol has been shown to protect against heart disease caused by atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Research indicates gugulipid itself appears to help reduce atherosclerotic plaques. Gugulipid has been shown to improve the heart's metabolism and act as an antioxidant, protecting the heart against free radicals. Gugulipid appears to help inhibit platelet aggregation (clumping of red blood cells), an important factor in preventing stroke or embolism.

According to research findings, gugulipid promotes the liver's uptake of LDL cholesterol from the blood, thus increasing the liver's metabolism of LDL cholesterol. This function accounts for gugulipid's ability to support healthy cholesterol levels.

Because of gugulipid's effects on heart function and cholesterol, this natural compound appears to be especially useful for individuals with cardiovascular disease.

In addition, guggulsterone appears to stimulate thyroid function, an effect that may account for some of gugulipid's impact on lipid levels and weight loss.

INGREDIENTS: 300 mg. Guggul (Commiphora mukal) standardized to 10% Z and E sterones

DIRECTIONS: One tablet three times daily, or as directed by your health practitioner.

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