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Natural Sex For Women 450 mg. caps 60 caps $31.50

Natural Sex For Women
Natural Sex For Women is a unique botanical extract of green oats (Avena Sativa) and Sabal Serrulata (also known as Serenoa repens or Saw Palmetto). Natural Sex For Women was developed by The Institute for Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality to help women and their partners enjoy their full sexual potential. Over 76% of all women taking part in a 10 year double-blind study reported experiencing enhanced sexual desire, performance, and sensation while taking Natural Sex For Women.
Comments On Natural Sex For Women

Researchers at The Institute have been testing the new Natural Sex For Women formula on young, middle-aged, and older women for more than a year now. It has been decided to release this super-potent aphrodisiac to the public because it has been very successful in the treatment of female dysfunction associated with aging, even though some of the women taking the product have had difficulty in dealing with the high charged sexuality it produced.

Dr. Mcllvenna had an astonished look on his face when he described the incredible responses he and his staff had been getting in women taking Natural Sex For Women. Among the verbal responses he's heard from women testing the product have been the following:

Comments On Natural Sex For Women

One 60 year old woman reported that Natural Sex For Women made her " horny as she had been during her honeymoon."

A woman in her late 40s, who had been widowed and celibate for three years said that after taking Natural Sex For Women, "All she could think about was finding an attractive man to have sex with."

A woman in her 30s said that "Her fantasies were all about sex acts and she kept noticing mens' bodies all the time and considering them as potential lovers."

Several women who were married demanded that their husbands take Natural Sex For Men so they could match their sexual appetite after the women had taken Natural Sex For Women!

A woman of 61, who had been having problems with painful intercourse for years, said that after taking Natural Sex For Women she found that sex was fun again. "The lubrication", she insisted, "is fantastic now. Sex is much better now than it's been for decades!"

One capsule of Natural Sex For Women contains:
300 mg. of green oats extract (Avena Sativa) and 150 mg. Serenoa repens (saw palmetto). This biologically standardized extract is manufactured in compliance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. It contains no colorings, preservatives, pesticide residues, or any substance that is harmful in any way.
DIRECTIONS: Different women have found that different regimens work for them when taking Natural Sex For Women. Some women take one capsule a day on a continuous basis, in part because it energizes them so much. Others take one or more capsules only on days they expect to have sex. Dr. Mcllvenna warns that women should be especially careful if they take more than one capsule a day, because of the explosive sexuality that Natural Sex For Women has unleashed in some women.

Dosages will vary, of course, according to individual need. Natural Sex For Women is effective in patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction as well as in women with normal sexuality who wish to enhance their sex drive or sexual pleasure. The scientists at The Institute have found that Natural Sex For Women has been beneficial in 76% of women.

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