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Natural Sex For Men 300 mg. caps 60 caps $26.25

Natural Sex For Men
Natural Sex For Men is a unique botanical extract of green oats (Avena Sativa) developed by The Institute for Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality to help men and their partners more fully enjoy their sexual potential. Over 68% of all men taking part in a 10 year double-blind study reported experiencing enhanced sexual desire, performance, and sensation while taking Natural Sex For Men.
Individual Case Studies

After the the completion of overe 10 years of study, Avena Sativa was made available to The Institute's staff for use with their sex therapy clients, as well as to selected students, friends, and colleagues who were interested in experiencing its effects. The majority of these subjects, most of whom were men, reported beneficial results from taking the product. What follows are summaries of a few of these cases.

Clients Of Sex Therapists
SUBJECT 1: Male, 65, married heterosexual, account executive.
Presenting symptoms: Erectile incompetence, no sexual interest in wife.
Product taken: One 300 mg capsule of Avena Sativa per day.
Results: Spontaneous erections at work; renewed sexual interest in females and in environment. Successful coitus, noticeable decrease in size of benign hypertrophic prostate of 20 years duration.
Subject's comment: "It's great. I feel like a young man again. Stood up at the office and had to sit down. Embarrassing, but wonderful."

SUBJECT 2: Male, 34, single heterosexual, carpenter.
Presenting symptoms: None, partner taking product.
Product taken: 300 mg Avena Sativa, four a time in preparation for specific sexual encounters and four daily on weekends.
Results: Feelings of contentment and well-being. Heightened sensitivity to overall tactile stimulation and mucous membrane. More control over ejaculation. Shorter refractory period. More loving towards partner.
Subject's comment: "This stuff really works. You could make a million dollars with it."

SUBJECT 3: Male, 45, single heterosexual, executive.
Presenting symptoms: Stress and erectile unreliability. Erectile competence with women he didn't care about emotionally. Erectile failure during penetration if he wanted an on-going emotional involvement.
Product taken: thirty 300 mg capsules of Avena Sativa used prior to and during weekends with new girlfriend.
Results: No erectile failure.
Subject's comments: "It works. She's happy, I'm happy."

SUBJECT 4: Male, 58, heterosexual, insurance executive.
Presenting symptoms: Lack of desire with wife of 28 years.
Product taken: Two 300 mg capsules of Avena Sativa per day for 14 days, three for next 14 days.
Results: Functioning again with desire.
Subject's comments: "I like it, my wife likes what it does for me, and she wants to try some."

One capsule of Natural Sex For Men contains:
300 mg. of green oats extract (Avena Sativa). This biologically standardized extract of green oats that is manufactured in compliance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. It contains no colorings, preservatives, pesticide residues, or any substance that is harmful in any way.
DIRECTIONS: Different men have found that different regimens work for them when taking Natural Sex For Men. Some men take one or two capsules a day on a continuous basis, in part because it energizes them so much. Others take two or more capsules only on days they expect to have sex.

Dosages will vary, of course, according to individual need. Natural Sex For Men is effective in patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction as well as in persons with normal sexuality who wish to enhance their sex drive or sexual pleasure. The scientists at The Institute have found that Natural Sex For Men has been beneficial in 68% to 70% of men.

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