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Horsetail 300 mg. caps 60 caps $7.95

Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) is a rush-like perennial related to ferns. The hollow, jointed stems of this flowerless plant contain large amounts of silica and silicic acids (5-8%).

Silica is used by the body in the production and repair of connective tissues while accelerating the healing of broken bones. Our bodies use silica to maintain and repair the nails, hair, skin, eyes and cell walls. Horsetail is also used for its diuretic and astrigent properties, making it a useful treatment for cystitis, bladder and prostate problems, and kidney stones.

Horsetail (silica) reduces the risk of excessive bleeding and contributes to the building of healthy blood cells. Research has shown that Horsetail increases the number of phagozytes (enzymes that kill germs and other foreign substances), which improves the functioning of the entire immune system.

Bronchitis, lung and respiratory tract disorders have been shown to be helped by Horsetail, which increases the functioning and elasticity of lung tissues.

Horsetail contains 5% of the saponin equisetonin, and several flavone glycosides, including isoquercitrin, galuteolin, and equisetrin, which most likely account for its diuretic activity. Horsetail also contains Aconitic acid, calcium, PABA, fatty acids, fluorine, vitamin B-5 and zinc.

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