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Sumax 200 mg. caps 30 caps $16.95

Sumax 5% Beta-Ecdysterone from Brazilian Suma Root
Sumax is a 5% guaranteed potency extract of Beta-Ecdysterone from Brazilian Suma Root powder. There are three primary active ingredients in Sumax: Pytosterols (plant hormones), Pfaffic Acid and Pfaffosides (saponins).

Beta-Ecdysterone has been found to be active in protein biosynthesis (anabolism) in animals. Beta-Ecdysterone does not function in the same manner as anabolic steroids. Russian and Japanese researchers have determined that Beta-Ecdysterone acts to stimulate protein synthesis by increasing the activity of the polyribosomes (peptides) and their synthesis of proteins.

Sumax is considered an adaptogen, which may promote endurance and increased vitality. Adaptogenic herbs are powerful immun-augmenters that help the body improve resistance to infectious diseases.

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