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Prolive 500 mg. 60 tablets $25.45

Prolive with Antioxidants
Prolive with Antioxidants: The Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, is correlated with health benefits related to the cardiovascular system. Many posited benefits have been attributed to olive oil, and recent studies indicate its extracts can offer excellent nutritional value.

Published data indicates the presence of phenolated compounds in the olive leaf, including oeupopein, an antioxidant, and rutin flavanol, known to inhibit LDL oxidation. In animal studies, olive leaf extracts reportedly produced dilation of coronary vessels and lower blood pressures Besides being a potent antioxidant, oleuropein possesses antimicrobial properties. From Allergy Research Group.

Article: Prolive: Olive Leaf Extract (Calcium Elenolate)

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