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ChromeMate Chromium 200 mcg. caps 100 tabs $6.95

ChromeMate® Chromium
ChromeMate® Chromium possesses remarkable health benefits, and in a number of recent clinical trials has been found to lower blood cholesterol and sugar levels while burning fat and building muscles. Chromium has a stimulating effect on metabolism and causes a decrease in sugar craving. When this action is combined with the improved amino acid uptake in muscle cells that chromium creates, an improved muscle tone results, causing a slow but steady loss of fat and inches in the right places.

A double-blind, crossover study showed an average of 7% cholesterol reduction in subjects taking chromium. Chromium also reduces blood sugar levels. High levels of blood sugar can contribute to aging by the destructive process of glycosylation, in which sugar molecules bind to amino acids to interfere with cellular functions. Diabetics exhibit an increase in glycosylation which can lead to atherosclerosis.

Chromium enhances the ability of insulin to lower blood sugar levels, which helps diabetics. Chromium can also produce anabolic effects similar to steroids, without any of the side effects. It not only increases strength and muscle mass, but also decreased body fat in one study by 22%

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