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Germanium caps 100 mg. 30 caps $28.95
Germanium caps 150 mg. 30 caps $39.95
Germanium, Powder 6 gram vial .21 oz $42.45

Germanium: Evidence suggests that organic Germanium increases interferon production, thereby making it an immuno stimulant. Animal experiments suggest a role for organic Germanium in hypertension and heart disease. One study gave organic Germanium to rats with induced hypertension, their blood pressures dropped to normal levels. A review of the published literature found organic Germanium virtually free of any side effects with the exception of occasional complaints of loose stools in post-surgical patients receiving high doses. Absorption, excretion, distribution, and metabolism studies of organic Germanium have found it rapidly disappears in both blood, tissues and organs after oral administration.

  • Creates support for the body's natural defense system.
  • Has an anti-viral and anti-fungal response in the body.
  • Enhances cellular health by supplying oxygen to the tissues.
  • Increases immune function in the body.
Minerals Glossary: Germanium

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