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MCT Oil 16 fl. oz. 1 bottle $7.95
MCT Oil Caps 1,000 mg. 100 caps $28.35

MCT Oil is a purified triglyceride product from the same supply that is used to feed infants with fat malabsorption syndrome (cystic fibrosis) and to provide long-term intravenous feeding. MCT Oil is quickly absorbed and utilized for energy by organs and muscles.

All other food fats are absorbed through a complex sequence of events and digestion is slowed in their presence. This is why the stomach retains a high fat meal longer and releases the liquid food to the intestine in smaller portions. MCT Oil gives you an energized feeling in a very short time. MCT Oil should be incorporated slowly into your diet to prevent cramping and diarrhea.

  • MCT Oil is a fat that is not stored in the body and helps burn existing fat stores.
  • MCT Oil provides fast abundant energy for exercise because of rapid absorption.
  • Because MCT is a plant source lipid, it contains no cholesterol.
  • MCT Oil serves as a carrier for food flavors when substituted for traditional cooking fats in baked goods and salad dressings.

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