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Passiflora 350 mg. caps 120 caps $12.95

Passiflora (Edulis) is a Brazilian herb that is rich in Alkaloids (harmine & harmaline) and Flavone Glycosides. These ingredients have a sedative and tranquilizing effect. Passiflora may aid the transi-tion into a restful sleep without any `narcotic' hangover.

Historically, Passiflora was used by North American Indians, where it was applied to earaches, boils and inflammation. Passiflora enters the heart, liver and lung meridians; influencing the cardiovascular and central nervous system. Passiflora is also said to have an anti-spasmodic effect especially when there is associated tension.

  • Passiflora has a sedative and tranquilizing effect on the body.
  • May aid the transition into a restful sleep without side effects.
  • Passiflora effects the cardiovascular and central nervous system.

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