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Elemental Iodine is found in varying amounts in the earths crust and soils, and, in larger amounts, in the oceans. Iodine, as iodide or iodate salts, is therefore especially concentrated in the seas and in sea foods, both plant and animal. Human nutritional needs are minute. We require only trace amounts of iodine to help metabolize fats, produce energy, and keep our thyroid glands healthy. 60% of the iodine we eat is stored in the thyroid gland and used in the manufacture of thyroid hormones. These hormones, in turn, regulate metabolism, energy levels, and the burning of fat.

Among reported claims for the use of iodine are to relieve pain associated with fibrocystic breast Too little Iodine can result in hypothyroidism weight gain, lack of energy, and reduced mental focus.

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