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Olive Leaf Extract (Calcium Elenolate)

Olive oil served as axle grease for the Roman soldiers, was used to lubricate machinery during the industrial revolution and has illuminated homes well up into modern times. Now modern research suggest that the leaf of the olive tree (Olea europaea) and its extracts may be an excellent source of health giving nutrients.

The Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, as well as fruits, vegetables and grains, is correlated with health benefits, most notably those related to the cardiovascular system. Many positive effects have been attributed to olive oil, which has lead to increased use in non-Mediterranean countries. Newly published analytical data indicate the presence of phenolated compounds in the olive leaf and bud, including oleuropein, a phenolic glucoside, and flavonoids such as rutin flavonol, luteolin-7-glucoside flavone, and hesperidin flavanone.

The relative content of these and trace compounds in extracts is dependent on the way in which the leaves and buds are processed. Oleuropein, also known as the bitter-principle of green olives, and flavonoids have been experimentally found to be potent antioxidant-compounds. At very low concentrations oleuropein protects low density lipoprotein (LDL) against copper sulphate-induced oxidation. Polyphenolic flavonoids such as luteolin, which are present in fruits and vegetables in addition to olive leaves, also inhibit LDL oxidation.

In animal studies, olive leaf and bud extracts reportedly produce dilation of coronary blood vessels and lower blood pressure. A study of 805 elderly men published in the British medical journal Lancet suggests that the intake of flavonoids positively influences cardiovascular health. Even the waste water from olive processing is rich in potentially valuable antioxidant compounds! Waste water extracts derived from the milling of olive paste contains oleuropein, among other compounds, which perhaps explains the ability of these extracts to inhibit LDL oxidation. Oleuropein has long been known to have antimicrobial properties, which perhaps serve as a natural protection for the olive tree against microbial predators.

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