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Ancient Remedy For Modern Depression & Anxiety

Over two thousand years ago, Roman sentries sat in watchtowers on the coast of the Armorican Peninsula of Brittany preparing for an impending invasion. What they awaited was not an attack from an enemy, but for the annual arrival of a unique sea monster bearing a gift that has become the stuff of legends.

Rising to the surface of the ocean from a depth of 1,500 meters, the Great Blue Fish presented a truly frightening appearance: its distinctive blue-colored, snake-like body measures over a meter in length and is topped with enormous bulging eyes that have been adapted for vision in the perpetual darkness of its natural habitat more than a mile below the ocean surface.

What motivated the Romans to harvest this creature was the production of a prized food product, Garum Armoricum, that was originally discovered by the ancient Celts. Made by fermenting the Great Blue Fish with salt, Garum was valued by ancient healers for its numerous nutritional benefits. Scribonius Largus, personal physician to Emperor Claudius, declared Garum "the product with a thousand virtues" in A.D. 43, and in the second century A.D., the great Galen wrote voluminously about nutrition and referred to Garum in his writings.

The ancients revered Garum for its ability to:

  • Improve mood and relieve depression;
  • Renew energy levels and enhance strength;
  • Offer relief of pain from migraines, sinus ailments and other lingering conditions.

    Garum's chief consumers were children, women (especially pregnant women), athletes and the elderly. Garum was also given to legionnaires before long, exhausting marches, and in preparation for battle. Garum was so popular that production sites spread across ancient Europe and North Africa by the hundreds, including one site in western Spain capable of producing 2 million pounds of Garum a year.

    Lost and Found

    Knowledge of Garum was lost during the Middle Ages, but was rediscovered in France. In the sixteenth century, the James' Universal Medical Dictionary reported that "no liquor is as well-sought after as garum." Garum was also used by the French army in World War I to control stress and anxiety, and is currently popular in France, Spain and Japan.

    Garum is produced in France using techniques that remain faithful to the original Celtic formula recorded from ancient times, and is now available in the USA exclusively under the trade name Stabilium.

    How Does Stabilium Work?

    The Great Blue Fish lives in one of the most stressful physical environments to be found anywhere on Earth. A lack of oxygen, combined with bitterly low temperatures and extreme pressures has forced this creature to develop a highly specialized metabolism and physiology for survival.

    This same physiology, necessary for survival at such great depths, would cause tremendous cellular shock and injury to any fish swimming up to the oxygen-rich surface waters if it were not for its protective system of antioxidants, fatty acids and neuropeptides that work to control oxidative reactions.

    Modern analytical techniques have revealed that Garum is rich in:

  • Neuropeptides, similar to those found in human nerve cells, that contribute to our sense of well being, more positive attitude, enhanced vitality and alertness.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially the w3's common in the brain. These fatty acids can contribute to raising good cholesterol levels and keeping blood unsticky.
  • Antioxidant substances, including vitamin A, vitamin E and selenium and other essential nutrients.

    Aid In Controlling Anxiety and Depression

    Recent clinical studies in France have measured Garum's impressive effects on improving mood and relieving depression and chronic fatigue. In one trial forty subjects took Garum for 15 days. At the conclusion of the study researchers noted that subjects reported impressive improvements in the following areas:

  • Muscle Fatigue: 76% Improvement
  • General Well Being: 75% Improvement
  • Mental Fatigue: 44% Improvement
  • Sleep Quality: 43% Improvement
  • Sleep Disorders: 39% Improvement
  • Depression: 27% Improvement
  • Psychic Anxiety: 20% Improvement

    Suggested Use Stabilium® is packaged in hard gelatin capsules, each containing 200 mg of Garum. These are sealed into blister packs, each with 10 capsules; 3 blister packs or 30 capsules make up each box of Stabilium.

    As a nutritional supplement, the recommended intake of Stabilium is 4 capsules daily. These should be consumed in the morning, all at once, with a small amount of water and without chewing. After 2 or 3 weeks this intake may be reduced by one-half, or less as desired.

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