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Aphrodisiacs Improve Sex
Lives Of Men And Women

In Studies At The Institute For Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality

  1. Introduction
  2. History Of The Institute
  3. The Institute's Faculty
  4. The Institute's Library
  6. A Safe And Effective Aphrodisiac
  7. "Sowing Your Wild Oats"
  8. The Initial Clinical Study
  9. Results Of Study
  10. Endocrine Findings
  11. Effect On Men Suffering From Sexual Impotence
  12. Individual Case Studies
  13. Clients Of Sex Therapists
  14. How Avena Sativa Works
  15. A Super-Potent Aphrodisiac
  16. Womens' Responses To Natural Sex For Women
  17. Recommended Dosage Regimens
  18. Obtaining "Natural Sex For Men" and "Natural Sex For Women"


Dr. Ted Mcllvenna is the President and Founder of The Institute For Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California. He recently spoke with Saul Kent of the Life Extension Foundation about a new aphrodisiac for women that had been researched at The Institute.

He said that the aphrodisiac was working so well that some women were having problems with their feelings after taking it. Among the many feelings they experienced were compulsive sexual urgings, thoughts and dreams of sexual activities, difficulty in talking to their friends about their sexual feelings, and self-image problems in those who felt they were no longer "good girls" because of their strong sexual feelings.

After weeks of discussion between The Institute and the manufacturer, it was decided to offer the aphrodisiac for Women, Natural Sex For Women, along with Natural Sex For Men, their battle-tested aphrodisiac for men. Both of these unique products can now be purchased by Smart Basics customers at special introductory discount prices either by e-mail, fax or by simply calling us, toll-free, at 1-800-878-6520.

Before we tell you more about these unique new products, let's take a look at The Institute that developed them.

History Of The Institute

The Institute for Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality is the foremost graduate school in Sexology in the world. It was incorporated and licensed in 1976 by the State of California to grant advanced degrees in the field of human sexuality. Its first class of students began work on Oct. 1, 1976.

The Institute evolved out of a research project commissioned in 1962 by the United Methodist Church and several other churches The issue of sexual identity, especially homosexuality, was the primary area of the project's research The Rev. Ted Mcllvenna was chosen as leader of the project because of his social research background.

The project was soon enlarged to include all areas of human sexuality because it was recognized that health care professionals are woefully lacking in knowledge of human sexuality, and that an academic center designed to train professionals in the field was sorely needed.

In the Spring of 1967, a meeting was held at The Institute for Sex Research in Bloomington, Indiana, which included representatives from the original sponsoring church groups, the National Institute of Mental health, the Glide Foundation and four other foundations. It was decided that the Glide Foundation in San Francisco would become the home of the National Sex Forum (NSF), which later became the Institute For Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality.

The Institute's Faculty

The Institute's faculty, which included several of its founding members, was expanded to include Wardell B. Pomeroy, Ph.D., the dean of American sexologists; Erwin Haeberle, Ph.D., a leading sexological historian; and other leading experts. Over the years, sexologists from around the world have lectured and taught at The Institute including: Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D., Edward Brecher, Ed.D., Mary Calderone, M.D., Alex Comfort, M.D., Ph.D. (also a prominent Gerontologist), Albert Ellis, Ph.D., Robert Francoeur, Ph.D., Allen Ginsberg (the poet), Lester Kirkendall, Ph.D., Gore Vidal (the author), and Bernard Zilbergeld, Ph.D.

Today, The Institute's faculty includes Dr. Mcllvenna and a distinguished group of social scientists including Charles Moser, M.S.W., who specializes in medical sexology and sado-masochism; Margo Rila, Ed.D., who specializes in sex education and female sexuality; Fang Fu Ruan, M.D., an oriental sexologist; Marguerite Rubenstein, Ph.D., an expert in bisexuality; Clark Taylor, Ph.D., a sexual anthropologist, and Dr. Laird Sutton, an expert in media.

The Institute's Library

The Institute's library - which is comprised of 11 specialty libraries-is the largest, most comprehensive sex library in the world by far It circulates about 60,000 books, 100,000 magazines and pamphlets, 10,000 videotapes, 100,000 films, and more than 500,000 photographs and slides. According to Dr. Mcllvenna, The Institute's total collection of sex materials - including sex devices, sex posters, and sex memorabilia - (most of which is stored in warehouses) includes more than 3 million pieces.


The Institute began researching Natural Sex For Men in 1976. The product was intended for both men and women, but clinical studies, started in 1986, showed that it is only marginally successful in women, but works very well in men This finding led to research to develop a new aphrodisiac for women, which has now accomplished with the new Natural Sex For Women formula.

The Institute's decision to investigate botanical extracts as natural, potentially safe and effective sex enhancers capable of restoring failing sexual vigor was made because of folklore, myth, and testimonials about various natural substances claimed to boost sex drive and enhance sexual pleasure.

A Safe And Effective Aphrodisiac

The Institute's research division has tested two botanical products. The first was discontinued because its sexually enhancing effects were accompanied by unpleasant, potentially harmful side effects.

The second botanical extract - Avena Sativa - has proved to be a powerful aphrodisiac that produces no adverse side effects. Avena Sativa is a biologically standardized extract of green oats that is manufactured in compliance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. It contains no colorings, preservatives, pesticide residues, or any substance that is harmful in any way.

"Sowing Your Wild Oats"

It's interesting that green oats contains an ingredient that stimulates sexual feelings and behavior in light of such popular terms as "feeling your oats" and "sowing your wild oats", which have long been used as sexual metaphors, with oats considered the symbol of strength, vigor, and sexuality.

The earliest reference to the sex stimulating effects of oats was found in the German Pharmacopoeia 200 years ago. There have been subsequent references in historical and scientific journals about the health and strength-enhancing effects of oats or oat-based products.

The Initial Clinical Study

In 1986, The Institute conducted a pilot study to explore the aphrodisiac effects of Avena Sativa, after 10 years of product development and animal studies. Twenty men and 20 women, age 22-to-64, were given a 300 mg capsule of Avena Sativa extract three days a week for six weeks.

The subjects were all volunteers who expressed an interest in improving their sexual response and/or partner interaction. Their dysfunction/dissatisfaction ranged from male impotence and female lack of desire, or inability to respond sexually, to an interest in making an adequate sex life better.

The subjects were told to take one capsule every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the six-week trial period and to make daily notations regarding their sexual thoughts, fantasies, and desires, as well as the sexual activity, performance, and sensations experienced during sex.

Results Of Study

Nine men and 10 women completed the study. Both men and women reported enhanced sexual desire, performance, and sensation while taking Avena Sativa. Men and women were 14% more aware of the sexual potential of daily events and of triggered sexual thoughts. Men extended these thoughts to sexual fantasies much more often than women (men 24%, women 4%). Men and women both experienced increased genital sensation accompanying sexual thoughts (men 22%, women 15%).

Although the men who completed the study reported only a 5% increase in sexual fantasies leading to erections, they experienced a 25% increase in acts leading to some form of sexual gratification. When fantasy, sensation, and opportunity were sufficient to lead to sexual activity, masturbation increased 20% and sexual intercourse increased 33% in the male subjects.

The women who completed the study reported a 21% increase in lubrication in response to sexual thoughts and fantasies, which resulted in a 19% increase in some form of sexual gratification. Their frequency of sexual activity was increased as follows: masturbation 19%, mutual masturbation 33%, sexual intercourse 30%, and oral/genital sex 54%.

Men experienced a 36% increase, and women a 29% increase, in frequency of orgasms, while women experienced a dramatic 68% increase in multiple orgasms. A few men reported multiple orgasms while taking Avena Sativa, while none reported it when not taking Avena Sativa.

Crossover Double Blind Study

The positive results reported in this initial study persuaded the scientists at The Institute to conduct a crossover double blind study of Avena Sativa in subjects who were not suffering from any type of sexual dysfunction. Instead, the study population was drawn from a broad spectrum of men and women who expressed interest in sexual enhancement.

One hundred twenty subjects selected from a pool of volunteers were divided into two groups of similar characteristics and were asked to complete a health-diet-drug history. They were then directed to take one 300 mg capsule of Avena Sativa or a placebo every morning. At the end of each day, they were told to complete a Daily Record Sexual Questionnaire. Group 1 received Avena Sativa extract for 28 days and then crossed over to placebo for another 28 days. Group 2 was on the opposite schedule.

Results Of Study

A total of 75 subjects completed phase 1 of the study (the first 28 days) including 38 men and 37 women. Of these, 28 men and 28 women completed phase 2 of the study. Most of the men in the study experienced improved sex drive, greater firmness of erections, which, in most cases, were realized very quickly, and greater pleasure during sex when taking Avena Sativa than on placebo. There was no significant improvement in any of these measures of sexuality among the women in the study.

Endocrine Findings

Endocrine studies were conducted by the The Institute's researchers in three men and three women selected from the double blind crossover study. These subjects were tested for various hormone levels prior to the study, after the first phase of the study was completed, and at the end of the study.

The three women subjects, and one of the men, showed no significant endocrine changes while taking Avena Sativa, but the two remaining men, who started with lower-than-normal testosterone levels, responded in dramatic fashion. The total testosterone level was doubled in one of the men and was more than doubled in the other. Moreover, there was an increase in free testosterone levels of 50% and 185% respectively after only one month on the product!

One of the men reported that, while taking Avena Sativa, his sexual intercourse frequency increased from once or twice a month to six times a month. The other man, who was in his early 60s, said he had been unable to achieve an erection for more than six years, but that, once he started taking Avena Sativa, his ability to have firm erections returned, and his sexual activity increased from zero for six to seven years to one-to-three times weekly. On one occasion, he said, he was able to ejaculate successfully twice in one evening for the first time in decades!

Effect On Men Suffering From Sexual Impotence

The next study at The Institute involved 30 men, 55-to-72 years of age, who were suffering from sexual impotence. These men generally lacked sexual desire and were unable to achieve an erection or had difficulty in maintaining an erection.

The study subjects filled out a questionnaire that evaluated the number of sexual partners they had, their libido, and their erectile ability for various types of sexual activity. They were then treated with 300 mg of Avena Sativa for 30 days. Those who failed to respond were given 600 mg of Avena Sativa for another 30 days.

Ten of the men showed complete response, and nine showed partial response to treatment with Avena Sativa, with erection ability and sexual activity returning to pre-impotency levels in all responders. Seven of the nonresponders noticed an increase in sexual interest and desire and some erectile activity. The frequency of usable erections increased from O to 50% in men receiving a single dose of Avena Sativa and 65% in men taking double doses of Avena Sativa.

Individual Case Studies

After these studies were completed, Avena Sativa was made available to The Institute's staff for use with their sex therapy clients, as well as to selected students, friends, and colleagues who were interested in experiencing its effects. The majority of these subjects, most of whom were men, reported beneficial results from taking the product. What follows are summaries of a few of these cases.

Clients Of Sex Therapists

Subject 1: Male, 65, married heterosexual, account executive.
Presenting symptoms: Erectile incompetence, no sexual interest in wife.
Product taken: One 300 mg capsule of Avena Sativa per day.
Results: Spontaneous erections at work; renewed sexual interest in females and in environment. Successful coitus, noticeable decrease in size of benign hypertrophic prostate of 20 years duration.
Subject's comment: "It's great. I feel like a young man again. Stood up at the office and had to sit down. Embarrassing, but wonderful."

Subject 2: Male, 34, single heterosexual, carpenter.
Presenting symptoms: None, partner taking product.
Product taken: 300 mg Avena Sativa, four a time in preparation for specific sexual encounters and four daily on weekends.
Results: Feelings of contentment and well-being. Heightened sensitivity to overall tactile stimulation and mucous membrane. More control over ejaculation. Shorter refractory period. More loving towards partner.
Subject's comment: "This stuff really works. You could make a million dollars with it. "

Subject 3: Male, 45, single heterosexual, executive.
Presenting symptoms: Stress and erectile unreliability. Erectile competence with women he didn't care about emotionally. Erectile failure during penetration if he wanted an on-going emotional involvement.
Product taken: thirty 300 mg capsules of Avena Sativa used prior to and during weekends with new girlfriend.
Results: No erectile failure.
Subject's comments: "It works. She's happy, I'm happy.

Subject 4: Male, 58, heterosexual, insurance executive.
Presenting symptoms: Lack of desire with wife of 28 years.
Product taken: Two 300 mg capsules of Avena Sativa per day for 14 days, three for next 14 days.
Results: Functioning again with desire.
Subject's comments: "I like it, my wife likes what it does for me, and she wants to try some.

How Avena Sativa Works

Researchers at The Institute discovered that Avena Sativa works by freeing up testosterone, which becomes increasingly bound to various compounds within the body with advancing age. Bound testosterone is not nearly as effective as free testosterone in stimulating the sex centers in the brain that generate the sex drive that leads us to seek out and engage in sexual activity.

Since testosterone is responsible for stimulating sexual activity in women as well as in men, Institute scientists looked for changes in the female brain that might account for the comparative lack of success of Avena Sativa in women. They knew that women generally require greater stimulation than men before becoming sexually aroused, and that women tend to have more of a whole-body response to sexual arousal than men, who tend to focus on their genital area.

Further research led to the finding that there are more receptors for testosterone in the female brain than in the male brain. The greater number of receptors in the brains of women apparently leads to a greater diffusion of sexual feelings that leads to the need for greater stimulation in women.

A Super-Potent Aphrodisiac

Further research at The Institute led to the development of a new technological method of "compressing" the potency of Avena Sativa, which was transformed into a highly concentrated extract that is, according to Dr. Mcllvenna, ten times more potent than the Avena Sativa in Natural Sex For Men!

They then discovered that this new super-potent Avena Sativa extract worked best when combined with Sabal Serrulata (also known as Serenoa repens or saw palmetto) - an herbal fruit extract that is highly effective at reducing benign prostatic hypertrophy in men.

They helped develop a safe and effective aphrodisiac for women that consists of capsules containing 300 mg of the new super-potent Avena Sativa and 150 mg of Sabal Serrulata, in a new formula that has been christened Natural Sex For Women!

Womens' Responses To Natural Sex For Women

Researchers at The Institute have been testing the new Natural Sex For Women formula on young, middle-aged, and older women for more than a year now. It has been decided to release this super-potent aphrodisiac to the public because it has been very successful in the treatment of female dysfunction associated with aging, even though some of the women taking the product have had difficulty in dealing with the high charged sexuality it produced.

Dr. Mcllvenna had an astonished look on his face when he described the incredible responses he and his staff had been getting in women taking Natural Sex For Women. Among the verbal responses he's heard from women testing the product have been the following:

A 60 year old women said that Natural Sex For Women made her " horny as she had been during her honeymoon."

A woman in her late 40s, who had been widowed and celibate for three years said that after taking Natural Sex For Women, "All she could think about was finding an attractive man to have sex with."

A woman in her 30s said that "Her fantasies were all about sex acts and she kept noticing mens' bodies all the time and considering them as potential lovers."

Several women who were married demanded that their husbands take Natural Sex For Men so they could match their sexual appetite after the women had taken Natural Sex For Women!

A woman of 61, who had been having problems with painful intercourse for years, said that after taking Natural Sex For Women she found that sex was fun again. "The lubrication", she insisted, "is fantastic now. Sex is much better now than it's been for decades!"

A 48-year-old woman, who had been sexually inhibited and passive throughout her life, found that Natural Sex For Women unleashed deep passions within her that made her willing, even anxious, to engage in previously forbidden sex acts. As she put it: "Twenty minutes after I took Natural Sex For Women, I began to hunger for oral sex. I virtually assaulted my husband in my haste to go down on him!"

A 69-year-old woman summed up the effect of Natural Sex For Women on her by noting that, "Now that I'm a dirty-old woman, I have a lot more respect for dirty old men!"

Recommended Dosage Regimens

Different people have found that different regimens work for them when taking either Natural Sex For Men or Natural Sex For Women. Some people take one capsule a day on a continuous basis, in part because it energizes them so much. Others take one or more capsules only on days they expect to have sex.

Dosages will vary, of course, according to individual need. Both aphrodisiacs are effective in patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction as well as in persons with normal sexuality who wish to enhance their sex drive or sexual pleasure. The scientists at The Institute have found that Natural Sex For Men has been beneficial in 68% to 70% of men, while Natural Sex For Women has been beneficial in 76% of women.

Dr. Mcllvenna warns that women should be especially careful not to take more than one capsule a day, because of the explosive sexuality that Natural Sex For Women has unleashed in some women.

How To Obtain Natural Sex For Men And Natural Sex For Women

Natural Sex For Men is now available from Smart Basics in bottles of 60 capsules. The normal retail price of Natural Sex For Men is $35.00 per bottle, but Smart Basics clients can purchase Natural Sex For Men at our special discount price of only $26.25 per bottle.

Natural Sex For Women normally retails for $42.00 for a bottle of 60 capsules (the higher price is due to the extra-strength Avena Sativa, as well as the inclusion of the Saw Palmetto). Smart Basics clients can now purchase Natural Sex For Women at our special discount price of only $31.50 per bottle.

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