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Durk & Sandy's New THERMOGEN TEA

Improved Fat-Loss Formula

A new and improved version of Pearson & Shaw's THERMOGEN HERBAL TEA is now available from SMART Basics. New THERMOGEN HERBAL TEA helps to generate heat within your body as a result of its ability to metabolize (or burn) fat rapidly - a process known as thermogenesis. This process leads to weight loss through the elimination of body fat, and is thoroughly documented in the scientific literature.

Proprietary New Health-Building Fiber

The improved THERMOGEN TEA contains a proprietary new enzymatically hydrolyzed form of guar fiber that helps to fill you up before meals, lowers serum glucose and cholesterol levels, improves digestion by favorably altering intestinal flora, and absorbs some of the fat in your diet. The new THERMOGEN TEA also boasts a new improved flavor, and many clients report that they now look forward to a cup of this better tasting herbal tea.

The following interview with life extension scientists and researchers Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw gives you a fuller description of this new state-of-the-art weight loss formula.

An Interview with Durk Pearson And Sandy Shaw

1. What changes occur in the body after ingesting a serving of Thermogen ephedra herb tea?

Durk & Sandy: Like any plant, ephedra herb contains thousands of different substances. The increased thermogenic effect in response to the ephedrine in ephedra herb tea is an aid to weight loss. Thermogenesis is a process in which fat is metabolized and the energy released is lost as heat (scientists call this decoupling of oxidative phosphorylation) rather than being used to create stored energy in the form of ATP. Thermogenesis is turned on by a number of stimuli, including eating a large meal, especially one containing carbohydrates (diet induced thermogenesis), vigorous exercise, exposure to cold, and certain substances, such as ephedrine, which activate special beta adrenergic receptors. Ephedrine functions much as a long-acting form of noradrenaline, the natural signal that turns on thermogenesis. Thus, it is a stimulant and has other effects similar to that of noradrenaline.

2. What is the added advantage of ingesting an ephedra herbal supplement in the winter?

Durk & Sandy: The thermogenesis induced by the ephedrine in the ephedra herbal tea will increase the release of body heat, thus helping to keep you warm.

3. How long have people been using an ephedra herbal supplement?

Durk & Sandy: There is an over 5,000 year record of the use of ephedra herb tea in China. Our personal use of ephedra tea dates back to 1984.

4. What responses have you observed in people taking ephedra tea?

Durk & Sandy: In people taking the ephedra herb tea according to our recommendations (one to three servings a day), the responses are similar to those for coffee use: a mild to moderate amount of stimulation. We have received many reports of significant weight loss using the tea, but there are always a number of people who do not find it helpful. The evidence from scientific study of obese individuals is that there is considerable genetic variation in factors involved in the control of body fat. Some people are resistant to thermogenic stimuli such as ephedrine.

5. What subjective reactions have you found in people who take ephedra.

Durk & Sandy: The reactions vary widely, all the way from experiencing tremendous well being, to feeling mildly energized, to feeling a bit jittery, to overstimulation from even a small amount of ephedra herbal tea. Again, it is a very individual thing.

6. What are the advantages of taking ephedra in an herbal tea rather than tablets or capsules?

Durk & Sandy: The FDA has taken a very negative stance with respect to the use of ephedra herbal teas as weight loss aids, which they consider a medical use. However, as a traditional herbal tea, ephedra herb, as a matter of law (protected by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act), cannot be regulated as a drug. In addition, there is no way to get adequate amounts of ephedra herb into capsules or tablets to provide the necessary ephedrine, so makers of capsules or tablets typically use ephedra herb extract or (very commonly) add synthetic ephedrine. The addition of synthetic ephedrine makes the ephedra capsule or tablet an illegal over-the-counter drug, subjecting it to FDA seizure and the manufacturer and sellers to heavy fines. Even the use of ephedra herb extract makes the product much more likely to be seized by the FDA because a capsule or tablet is not a traditional herbal tea.

7. What published scientific studies provide evidence that the proper use of an ephedra herb tea can produce fat loss?

Durk & Sandy: There are several good studies showing ephedrine to be a thermogenic stimulant that increases fat burning. Some excellent examples include: Astrup et al, "Enhanced Thermogenic Responsiveness During Chronic Ephedrine Treatment in Man" Am. Clin. Nutr. 42: 83-94 (1985); Dulloo, Miller, "Thermogenic Drugs for the Treatment of Obesity: Sympathetic Stimulants in Animal Models," Br. J. Nutr. 52: 179-196 (1984); Also, see the chapter on thermogenesis (with extensive bibliography at end of book) in Pearson & Shaw, "The Life Extension Weight Loss Program" (Doubleday, 1986) (unfortu-nately, this book is out of print, but you can find it at many public libraries and some used book stores).

8. What published studies substantiate the ability of the proprietary guar gum fiber complex in your new thermogen ephedra herb tea to reduce serum cholesterol and to suppress appetite?

Durk & Sandy: Clinical studies have shown it to have positive effect on blood glucose levels following a meal and on serum cholesterol levels. It also alters the human intestinal microflora (such as increasing the growth of beneficial lactic acid forming bacteria). See for example, Okubo et al, "Effects of Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum Intake on Human Intestinal Microflora and its Metabolism," Biosci. Biotech. Biochem. 58 (8): 1364-1369 (1994); Ide et al, "Hypolipidemic Effects of Guar Gum and Its Enzyme Hydrosylate in Rats Fed Highly Saturated Fat Diets" Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism 35: 34-44 (1991); Takahashi et al, "Effect of partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum on Fecal Output in Human Volunteers," 13:649-657 (1993) (fecal weight was increased and total serum cholesterol reduced). Because the fiber provides body and "bulk" to foods, it helps fill the stomach with few additional calories.

9. How does ephedra herb tea compare to other weight loss products?

Durk & Sandy: Unlike many other weight loss products, ephedrine induced thermogenesis is scientifically well established and mechanically understood.

10. How should a person begin a ephedra weight loss program?

Durk & Sandy: Follow the label instructions. Best results will be obtained on a low fat, low glycemic index diet, especially combined with peak output exercise before each meal.

11. What other health benefits does ephedra herb provide?

Durk & Sandy: Other than its use as a weight loss aid (getting rid of excess fat can be an important step toward better health), the ephedra herb is largely used for its tonic effect.

12. Are there any people who should not take ephedra herb products?

Durk & Sandy: Yes. We list all the medical conditions that the FDA requires be listed on the labels of OTC products containing ephedrine for people who shouldn't use those products, plus we've added a few additional ones. Please read the label before you use any dietary supplement.

13. Since many people you caution against taking ephedra herb have medical problems because they are overweight, i.e. hypertensives, Type II diabetics, etc, is there a safe way these people can use ephedra herb to lose weight without dangerous side effects?

Durk & Sandy: We do not recommend the use of ephedra herb by people with the medical conditions given on the label. It is really unfortunate that obese individuals often have these conditions. However, it makes no sense for these people to add to those medical problems by using ephedra herb, which may add additional risk. Remember that a person who is 15 or 20 pounds overweight but is otherwise healthy has a much simpler problem than a person who is 150 pounds overweight and has high blood pressure and type II diabetes. Our dietary supplements are designed for healthy adults and should never be used for the treatment of medical conditions, unless you are advised by a physician.

14. Based upon the information you have supplied regarding the use of guar gum to suppress appetite and absorb dietary fat, it appears as if a person could drink the new Thermogen Tea with the Proprietary enzymatically hydrolyzed soluble guar fiber and enhanced flavorings in place of a heavy breakfast. Would you comment?

Durk & Sandy: Sounds good to us. You are likely to lose weight faster, though, if you eat sensibly (and avoid fatty foods, which are the most likely to add to stored body fat) rather than starving yourself. When faced with too little food in relation to your ongoing energy needs, your brains energy conservation regulatory mechanisms will put you into a body fat conserving mode that will make it very difficult to lose weight.

15. Does an ephedra herb drink in the morning have any effect on energy, mood, and performance?

Durk & Sandy: It will really get you moving.

16. Does the combination of the proprietary enzymatically hydrolyzed guar fiber and enhanced flavorings in the new Thermogen Tea reduce the number of calories you need to feel full?

Durk & Sandy: This seems very likely, though we have not seen a published study with this particular fiber in this particular formulation. See the answer to #8 above.

17. What happens to the dietary fat people consume after they take the new Thermogen Tea with the proprietary guar gum complex?

Durk & Sandy: Both fats and sugars are absorbed more slowly, blood sugar elevation after meals is moderated, serum cholesterol may be reduced in some people, and some additional fat may be excreted rather than absorbed.

18. Could you describe the taste of the new Thermogen Tea?

Durk & Sandy: Yes, we could, but since flavor is such an individual thing, we would rather you taste it. The guar gum complex itself has no taste. (Remember, there is a moneyback guarantee if you don't like it!)

19. How have others described the taste of the new Thermogen?

Durk & Sandy: They like it.

20. Many of our clients want to restrict the calories they consume because of studies indicating that caloric restriction reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease and may slow aging. Could people use the new Thermogenic Tea to help them reduce their caloric intake over an extended period of time?

Durk & Sandy: That seems plausible, but only time will tell. In the meantime, the discovery of the mechanisms of caloric restriction (such as the genetic regulation of the response to caloric restriction) may make it possible to get the benefits of caloric restriction without the need for restricting calories.

21. What is maltol and why have you added it to your Thermogen Herb Tea?

Durk & Sandy: If you have ever smelled a freshly baked loaf of bread, you know the aroma of maltol. It is a natural antioxidant, more powerful than vitamin C, that has some profound effects upon the taste of foods and beverages. For example, it improves flavor, provides a smooth creamy mouth feel, potentiates sweetness, and masks bitterness (ephedra herb is extremely bitter).

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