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Questions For Durk & Sandy

Because of Durk & Sandy's intensive research, laboratory and personal appearance schedules, it is not possible for them to personally answer the mail they receive. So we decided it would be a good idea to pose some of the most asked and most interesting questions directly to Durk & Sandy.

SMART: Why isn't THERMOGEN TEA available in capsule form?

DURK: We would love to make THERMOGEN TEA available in a capsule form. However, the FDA could then construe it to be an unapproved new drug rather than a traditional herbal tea because a traditional herbal tea is something you mix with water and drink. It is purely a regulatory problem, not a technical problem.

SMART: If I'm currently on a low-calorie diet, can I expect to see benefits if I use THERMOGEN `TEA as part of my weight-control program?

SANDY: Weight-loss low-calorie diets can prevent THERMOGEN TEA or any other thermogenic technique from working. If a person has been on a low-calorie diet for some period of time, it may take a while for their thermogenic capabilities to recover after resuming a higher calorie diet. Thermogenesis has to be induced. There is a protein made in the brown fat cells called G-protein. Exposure to cold and use of thermogenic materials such as ephedra herb causes induction of the G-protein, but this does take time.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment done on obese women, they were given 20 mg. of ephedrine three times per day. For the first couple of weeks the major effect on fat loss was by appetite suppression, but like any other known appetite suppressant, you develop a tolerance to ephedrine's appetite suppression effect, and within a few weeks to a few months it stops working. However, in the case of the thermogenic effects, they started picking up after about 2 or 3 weeks, and by the end of the 12-week test, the women were burning off two and a half times as many calories per milligram of ephedrine as at the start of the test.

SMART: Can THERMOGEN TEA provide the benefits of exercise?

DURK: No. We are talking about a mechanism for helping to get rid of excess body fat through thermogenesis. Thermogenesis does not give you cardiovascular conditioning or any kind of athletic training. It doesn't build your muscles or your stamina. On the other hand, thermogenesis techniques are by far the best way for bodybuilders to really get lean without losing that lean body mass.

SMART: Why haven't you come out with a children's vitamin?

DURK: There's two reasons for that. First, all of the products that we've designed were designed for our own personal daily use.

SANDY: We use the Personal Radical Shield instead. The second reason is that we never did any specific research on the special nutritional needs of children, and children are not just small adults, they have their own special requirements. We have not studied those special requirements and therefore we don't recommend any of these products for children.

DURK: In addition there's another problem too and that is the legal black hole that is involved. As a result, everybody's manufacturing RDA level vitamins and that's all that you can buy that's designed for children. It's a real disservice to children because I think that they could benefit from substantially larger doses of C, E, and beta carotene than they're getting.

SMART: Why do some people experience a flush when taking niacin?

SANDY: The niacin flush is basically the dilation of blood vessels in the skin, that is, allowing more blood to flow to the skin and causing the reddening of the skin, and the feeling of warmth.

DURK: There is also the release of histamine in the skin.

SANDY: And all of these effects are temporary and not harmful.

SMART: Why can't there be a one per day multivitamin product?

DURK: Well, first off, unless you happen to be a rhinoceros or a horse you'd never be able to swallow a large enough capsule to contain what we believe to be the optimum amounts of those nutrients.

SANDY: But if you were a horse or a rhinoceros you would require more of these nutrients because of your large size and you wouldn't be able to swallow it either.

DURK: Many of the vitamins are water soluble and in order to get the benefits we want to get out of these nutrients, it's necessary to maintain relatively high blood levels. For example, vitamin C: after you take an oral dose of vitamin C, it peaks in your blood stream in about 21/2 hours, and in about 51/2 hours it's down to half of it's previous level.

What that means is that if you want to maintain high levels of vitamin C in your blood stream, you have to take it at least three or four times a day if you want to have levels well above those which would be obtained by RDA level doses. When you're taking small amounts of vitamin C, on the order of the RDA, your body maintains the vitamin C fairly well. You don't lose a lot in your urine. If you start to take 3 grams of vitamin C a day and you take all of that at once you will have very little more than if you took the RDA 24 hours later because you'll be urinating it out.

SMART: That brings up an interesting question that a lot of people ask, and that is, by taking all these high doses of water soluble vitamins, aren't we just getting more expensive urine?

DURK: Well, your urine is certainly more expensive, however it's what happens in between the time that you take it and the time that it leaves the body that is important. Just think of it this way, most of the oxygen that you breathe in, you breathe back out again. That doesn't mean you should stop trying to breathe oxygen because most of it is being wasted. Every bit of water is either evaporated from your body through the skin or lungs or leaves in your urine or feces. That doesn't mean that drinking water is useless.

SMART: People want to reap the benefits from POWER MAKER II but some people experience diarrhea. How can people reduce the diarrhea?

DURK: There are a couple of things that they can do. The first one is to use the sugarfree version rather than the one with the fructose. Fructose is absorbed more slowly from the gut, and if you take a lot of POWER MAKER II with fructose, some of that fructose can get down into your colon where it gets fermented by the bacteria that are naturally found there. This can produce gas, discomfort, and diarrhea. The second thing you should do is start out with a small amount, one serving at a time. And after a few days of one serving then you can increase it to two servings. You may want to increase it to three servings after several more days if necessary, depending on your weight and the results you wish to achieve. But you want to increase the amount slowly to give your body time to adapt to it.

There are two fundamental reasons why POWER MAKER II causes this effect. One is the presence of the choline and vitamin B5 which can be used by your body to make more acetylcholine, and it is the acetylcholine which causes the contractions in your gut, the peristalsis that moves things through your gastric tract. If you have more choline and B5 down there you can get increased peristalsis which can move things on faster than you might want. If you increase your amount slowly, you tend to get used to this. The second effect is from the arginine. Some of the arginine is naturally turned into a compound called nitric oxide which relaxes sphincter muscles.

SANDY: And that's what causes the stomach to open up and release its contents into the intestine.

SMART: Why do you use fructose in your formulations?

DURK: An ounce of fructose will increase your blood sugar only about one-fifth as much as an ounce of glucose or glucose polymers, which is why we have the fructose in our `THERMOGEN TEA, RISE & SHINE, BLAST, and POWER MAKER II. Fructose is less likely to cause a yo-yo effect of blood sugar levels.

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