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POWER MAKER II and The American Aging Association Conference

We recently caught up with Durk and Sandy to ask them about their holiday aftermath and the recent American Aging Association Conference that they attended

SMART: It's that time of the year again, following the holidays, when people start to turn there attention to weight control...

DURK: As far as I am concerned, going hungry for the rest of your life when you are surrounded by food is the ultimate in unnatural acts. Our THERMOGEN HERBAL TEA is basically an updated modern nutrient-supplemented version of the Ma Huang teas that have been used for at least 5,500 years of recorded history. If you haven't tried it, you may want to do that. It has been used as a stimulating tonic for a long period of time and it does a whole lot more than that. It is a very important part of our own fat-control program because we are both sedentary gourmets; we both have the genes to be fat, and if we don't do something about it, we do get fat. Yet we don't want to go hungry for the rest of our lives.

SANDY: Not only that, but a scientific study by a scientist named Stunkard who has studied weight loss, found that 95% of people who had lost weight on a low-calorie diet regained it all within a year. It just doesn't work. To maintain that kind of discipline to force yourself not to eat in the long run, it just doesn't work.

DURK: I am sure that G. Gordon Liddy could do that sort of thing, but for those of us who are not G. Gordon Liddy, who don't have his sort of will, we suggest you consider THERMOGEN TEA.

SMART: Can you say anything about the synergy between certain of your other products and THERMOGEN TEA?

DURK: When I really need to do some serious fat loss, such as following the holidays or after eating a lot on a trip, and I have gotten a little extra fat on me, I frequently use a combination of the BLAST plus THERMOGEN TEA. If you've never had BLAST or THERMOGEN TEA before, do not try this combination. You may get more than you are bargaining for. Try the BLAST alone, try the THERMOGEN TEA alone, then try a half a serving of each before you try a full serving of each together.

SANDY: Because the effect is stimulating, when you mix them together, some people may find that they are flying along on the ceiling. It takes time to learn how to use these things, just like when people start using coffee-at first they may drink two cups of coffee all at once and find out that they may have gotten a little more stimulated than they like. It takes time to learn how to use coffee. Once people have done that, they just take it for granted and don't think anything about it and anything else that requires the same kind of attention.

SMART: How about the sugar-free version of THERMOGEN TEA?

DURK: Basically, this is for people who don't want the additional fructose. Now, in something like powerlifting or wrestling, having a little bit of extra water in your body isn't a problem. Fructose builds up your liver glycogen and binds water.

SANDY: Glycogen is a polymer of sugar and is the body's way of storing sugar for emergency use, so fructose is fine for most people. However, this explains why, when people go on a diet and lose a few pounds, what they are really losing is a few pounds of water. They burn up glycogen and the water is released.

DURK: If you are a bodybuilder you want a wasp waist so that your gut tucks in so far that your backbone can be seen. It is essential to have as little water on you as possible, if you want to win a bodybuilding contest.

SANDY: Water makes a bodybuilder look smooth, and you don't have the muscle definition that you have to have for championship bodybuilding.

DURK: Now, for someone like a powerlifter or like a long-distance runner, someone like a wrestler, you really don't want to get rid of that liver glycogen. You want your liver to be chock-full of glycogen so that you can work our for long periods of time. If you are a tennis player, you want to have a lot of glycogen because you are going to burn a lot of that during a game. But if you're a bodybuilder, you really want to be "cut and ripped" and that is why we have the sugar-free version of POWER MAKER II. There is not that much in the way of carbohydrates.

SANDY: THERMOGEN TEA contains less than 43 calories per serving and POWER MAKER II™ a mere 24!

DURK: Less than 24 calories per serving, but, nevertheless, when you are talking about National and International bodybuilding contests, you really don't want to compromise at all. And that is what the sugar-free version is for: a person who really wants to be cut and ripped. For general athletic use, I would say go ahead and use the one with the fructose. We've got both of them and I use whichever one I feel like taking. If I feel like I have plenty of blood sugar, I will use the one flavored with the aspartame, but let's say I feel a little hungry and I feel like I need a little bit more physical energy; I will use the one containing the fructose.

SMART: The two of you recently attended the American Aging Association's annual conference in Denver. Were there any presentations in particular which impressed you?

SANDY: Jeffrey Blumberg of the USDA did a very interesting follow-up.

DURK: It's really bright. Once you see it, you think, "My god, why didn't we do that 10 years ago." That is the sort of thing that is really smart. When you know something like that, that is really clever.

SANDY: Because it seems so obvious, but nobody thought of doing this. He looked at the very interesting and very strong relationship other scientists had discovered between life span and the ratio between a specific metabolic rate to superoxide dismutase (SOD) and certain protective antioxidants and antioxidant enzymes. That is, the animal species that live the longest have high ratios of antioxidants, such as SOD, to specific metabolic rate. Why not look at this ratio for antioxidant nutrients, vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta carotene, he thought. He did that and found that you had the same relationship. The higher the serum levels of vitamins E, C, or beta carotene in relation to the specific metabolic rate, the longer the life span.

DURK: In fact, the plots for beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E were as good as the ones for superoxide dismutase for a specific metabolic rate. The SOD amount versus unit of specific metabolic rate is very widely accepted as being a valid factor involved in aging. But nobody looked at C, E, and beta carotene before, and the results were absolutely stark clear. There was no doubt about it. And what that suggests, of course, is that you can intervene in these processes. If these processes are a part of aging and they are a factor in controlling the rate of aging, then, unlike SOD, you can very easily intervene right now by taking a supplement.
In another experiment, it was found that there is a considerable variation in people as to the amount of vitamins that they take up into their system for a given oral dose, and they seem to have less effective transport processes to bring the stuff in from their gut. They didn't have any idea how common this was but there are apparently considerable individual variations. People who are putting only the RDAs into their mouth and who happen to have gotten an unlucky hand of genetic cards in terms of the transport across the gut epithelium and into the serum, could be in exceedingly serious trouble. Unless they take higher levels.

SANDY: One nice thing about beta carotene is that if you are absorbing adequate amounts of it, you can see it on the palms of your hands which can turn yellow.

DURK: And the soles of your feet. Particularly the calluses.

SMART: Why is it particularly on the calluses?

DURK: I think that a callus is a bunch of old tissue. It is fairly thick tissue and it just sort of piles up.

SMART: Right. Anything else that really drew your attention at the presentations at AGE?

SANDY: There was a session on what we can do about aging now, which is something that I don't think has ever occurred at any other professional society of scientists studying aging ever before.

DURK: Blumberg's presentation was the highlight of the session. They also gave me about 5 or 10 minutes to talk about what we have been doing recently.

SANDY: Right. It was pretty sketchy but let's face it, we didn't know that we were going to give a presentation until 5 minutes before.

SMART: Was there much of a reaction?

DURK: Yes, it was quite positive. A lot of people were interested and asked further questions.

SANDY: When we joined the American Aging Association in 1974, we were probably the only people that were talking openly about the supplements that we are using. Other people may have been taking something but no one was talking about it. But now that has changed dramatically. People are sharing information about their various ideas on what to take and what they are taking.

DURK: It is getting to the point where if you are not taking some beta carotene, C, and E, people are starting to . . .

SANDY: They look at you funny.

DURK: " Why aren't they doing it? Haven't they been reading the literature?"

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