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Fine Tuning Your Body & Mind

The essence of smart nutrition is reaching a level of fine tuning your mind and body that leaves you feeling strong, alert, and fully conscious. You can improve your mental fitness with Pearson and Shaw's CHOLINE COOLER, a scientifically advanced choline supplement backed by more than 20 years of scientific studies that show that it is possible to increase the level of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in your body and brain with a choline supplement.

SMART: You've made choline the primary ingredient in Choline Cooler. How did you get interested in using choline this way?

DURK: We've been using Choline Cooler since the early `70s when studies started coming out on the effects of choline on memory function. After it enters the bloodstream, some of the choline gets turned into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is very important for optimal memory, focus, concentration, and muscular activity.

SANDY: We find Choline Cooler is fantastic for organizing our thinking. People often have a lot of information - facts and ideas - inside their head, but unless they can organize it in some meaningful way, it's wasted. I'm a great example of the way Choline Cooler works. I used to have a real problem in writing. I couldn't organize my thoughts very well. I had lots of information, lots of ideas, but I couldn't get it together in the right order. As a result, my writing tended to be confusing; I tended to ramble, and I didn't make the points that I wanted to make.

DURK: In editing Sandy's writing, I'd have to make massive rearrangements on the computer using the block move. Rarely would I have to delete anything, and usually I didn't have to add all that much. But I'd have to do these massive rearrangements, often adding word bridges between pieces that should have been connected but weren't.

SANDY: Exactly. Well, Durk was real good at that, so the articles came out great, but I wanted to be able to write it properly the first time. Since I have been using our choline supplement Choline Cooler, it's made all the difference in the world. It's so much easier for me to write now. Everything comes out smoothly and organized, just the way I always wanted it to. Durk really doesn't have to change anything. He does add to what I've said occasionally, but he almost never has to move things around anymore.

SMART: You've also spoken about the use of Choline Cooler for overcoming writer's block. This seems so unlikely. How does it work?

DURK: Since we write for a living, we know writer's block can be a major problem. Anybody who has deadlines or who writes for a living knows that writer's block can be a real pain. Writer's block doesn't usually occur because of a lack of information or ideas. Instead it tends to result from a failure to organize the information you already have in a meaningful and satisfying way. It gets to a point where trying to get the words out are like squeezing the last of the toothpaste; it takes a grea t deal of effort, and when you look at what you've got, it is not very satisfactory.

SANDY: The words are out there but there's no life, no vitality to them.

DURK: We've found that a combination of BLAST or RISE & SHINE and Choline Cooler would literally blow away writer's block in about 45 minutes. It never fails, at least it never fails for us. It is a remarkable thing. This combination is also ideal for computer programmers. I was once invited to speak at a conference of the San Diego Computer Society. So I went down there with a big load of our formulations: BLAST, RISE & SHINE, and Choline Cooler. I explained how these formulations were like hardware upgrades for your brain, that your brain worked by releasing neurotransmitters, that every thought, every emotion, every memory involves the release of neurotransmitters. I explained that some of these get burned up, and it's necessary to make more.

SANDY: They heard all that, but it really didn't mean anything to them until they tried the samples. "Choline Cooler is fantastic for organizing our thinking."

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