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In 1982, when he was 55 years old, the late Mickey Thompson won the hazardous "Baja 1000" off-road auto race. For 16 consecutive hours he drove a very rough natural road course littered with large rocks, which could tear up not only tires, but nerves as well. So much concentration and alertness are required to win the race and avoid serious damage to their vehicles that many drivers never finish, and no driver has ever come through on just one set of tires. No driver, that is, until Mickey Thompson did it. It was, he said, "The most perfect race I've ever run."

Because of the tortuous terrain, it's been estimated that drivers in the Baja 1000 must make about 1 million decisions from start to finish. Over the course of a 16-hour race, that means two to three critical decision per second! Mental exhaustion is a major problem. A momentary lapse of concentration and a tire, or much worse, could be lost. Most drivers alternate time at the wheel with a co-driver, so each has time to rest and restore his mental and physical energy. Thompson, however, drove the entire race by himself. "Mickey credited RISE & SHINE with helping him win," said research scientist Durk Pearson. He and biochemist Sandy Shaw designed this and other nutrient supplement formulations to help people keep their energy levels up, even under the most grueling conditions.


Thompson kept a bottle of RISE & SHINE taped to the steel crash cage of his car throughout the race and ran a tube from the bottle to his mouth, giving him a ready supply. "Mickey told us that when he got up to speed, it seemed as though time had slowed down," Said Sandy. "He felt he had more time to make decisions and to take the necessary actions." The sense of life in slow motion is a common one in extremely dangerous physical situations; it's a built-in safety mechanism, part of the normal "fight-or flight" response of the nervous system that improves your chances of surviving an emergency.

Evidence suggest that it's caused, at least in part, by the release of large amounts of the neurotransmitter noradrenaline, the brains version of adrenaline. Unfortunately, you can't sustain this response for very long. "You're using up noradrenaline much faster than you can make it," explained Durk. "Eventually, you're totally drained, not just physically, but mentally too."

Thompson was drinking RISE & SHINE, because its key ingredient is the natural and necessary amino acid phenylalanine, (FEE' NUL AL UH NEEN) which can be converted directly into noradrenaline. It's like keeping your gas tank connected to the pump for the whole race. Phenylalanine is also an important part of several other Pearson & Shaw formulations; BLAST, FAST BLAST, and BLAST CAPS. It is combined in these formulations with the stimulant caffeine for rapid and sustained energy output.


"Brain drain" is a common syndrome in our fast-paced culture. If you've got any doubt, just look at how much coffee we consume. Coffee is one of the largest commodities traded in the world, second only to petroleum. The caffeine in coffee works in part to keep us alert and active by activating the same noradrenaline system that Thompson was calling on. But like a car running out of gas, coffee does nothing to replenish the noradrenaline it uses up. By the end of a stressful four-or five-cup day, the jitteriness and irritability you feel are signs that you're literally running on empty, at least with regard to noradrenaline.

When your noradrenaline system is functioning at peak level, your awareness is heightened, and you're primed to handle heavy stress, danger, or excitement. The neurons that produce noradrenaline originate primarily in a region of the brain known as the locus coeruleus. Although few in number, their influence is profound, since they branch out to nearly every part of the brain and spinal cord.

Pearson & Shaw's phenylalanine formulations provide energy for people who want to maintain a high level of mental functioning without the negative side effects of coffee or other more dangerous stimulants. RISE & SHINE is their basic phenylalanine High Performance Formulation. Its pleasant citrus flavor and relatively gentle lift have made it a favorite of students, computer programmers, athletes, and hard-working executives who have to keep their minds functioning efficiently, even when the work week stretches beyond the norm. In addition to phenylalanine, it contains fructose, copper, vitamin B-6, and several other nutrient cofactors designed to maximize the conversion to noradrenaline in the brain.

For people who want a faster and longer-lasting lift, Pearson & Shaw combined the noradrenaline-stimulating effects of phenylalanine and caffeine to create BLAST. The caffeine in BLAST (80 milligrams, about the same as a cup of coffee), helps release noradrenaline and also increase the brain's sensitivity to its effects. At the same time, though, the phenylalanine helps to keep the noradrenaline stores full, so you avoid the "running on empty" syndrome - the let-down you get from drinking coffee. The nutrient cofactors in BLAST help the brain convert phenylalanine to noradrenaline.


When you need to get up and running fast, and you don't care if there's a let-down later, try FAST BLAST. This contains 60% more phenylalanine than BLAST, as well as the added quick energy provided by glucose. Finally, for those times when you can't easily mix up a formulation drink, there's the convenience of BLAST CAPS. Two capsules of BLAST CAPS fire up your day, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

If like most people today, your life requires you to make fast decisions, stay alert,, and maintain peak performance all day, you've got to keep both mentally and physically fit. If you're a chronic coffee drinker, you know that's not the answer. But more and more people all over the world are discovering that with the use of Pearson & Shaws High Performance Formulations, you can 'beat the caffeine blues'.

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