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LES CHANEY and Designer Foods

Les Cheney is a 49 year old world Power Lifting titlest. Famous for beating the Russians at their own game, Les recently won the Natural Athletes Strength Association Nationals. While most of his contemporaries muscle tone is flagging, Les is a champion who regularly beats competitors 10 years his junior. How does he do it?

SMART: Could you please describe power lifting and how it's different from body building?

LES: Power lifting is strictly a strength activity. In other words, during a meet we try to pick up as much weight as we can in three lifts; the squat, the bench, and the dead lift. So we go in there and get three attempts on the platform and try to lift as much on the squat as you possibly can, as much on the bench as you possibly can, and as much on the dead lift as you possibly can. The person with the highest total in your weight class wins. Body building is more involved with development of physique. It's about doing higher number of weight repetitions to develop more muscular definition, more of what they call "cuts". The body builders are not really concerned about strength overall, per say, they're interested more in how they look.

SMART: Of the three positions that you mentioned, which position have you lifted the top weight and what was that weight?

LES: Right now I still hold the national record in my age group and weight class in the bench press which is 424 pounds. The other record I hold is the total of the 3 lifts combined at 1,609 lbs. Until recently I did hold the squat record of 606 lbs.

SMART: You know I suppose there's a lot of people out there who would like to hear how a 49-year-old stays in such top form. What is your training regimen like?

LES: Well, I've always taken vitamins but as I got older and into my 40's I wanted to increase my intake. I wanted vitamins with some antioxidants in them and I liked the very comprehensive and powerful formulation of PERSONAL RADICAL SHIELD so that's why I decided to switch to it. And since I'm a drug free athlete, I wanted to take something that would enhance my lifting and POWER MAKER II seemed to fit the bill because I liked the idea of the co-factors in there. I'm glad I picked up on the Power Maker II because I really feel the results.

SMART: What about your diet? Do you have any special diet that you follow?

LES: Well, that's kind of embarrassing. I take Durk & Sandy's formulations to off-set my fast food cravings. And they really do work. I just don't have a special diet program.

SMART: Do you do any aerobic training?

LES: Well I do ride a stationary bike and do some walking. I play some golf but mainly when I get close to a contest I try to save my legs and I strictly do the lifting activities.

SMART: What Designer Foods do you take and how do they work for you?

LES: I take 4 PERSONAL RADICAL SHIELD capsules with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then when I go to sleep at night I will take the sugar free POWER MAKER II and I will take three to four servings depending on where I'm at in my training regimen. I'll take three or four servings along with the PERSONAL RADICAL SHIELD at night.

SMART: What kind of advice would you give to athletes who are reaching their 30's and 40's and want to stay in top form?

LES: Well, I think the big thing is to be very consistent in your training. A lot of people I've noticed go into weight lifting and the first month they go at it whole hog and they try to work out two-three hours a day and they end up getting bored with it and then they don't lift anymore. And what I've tried to do with a lot of these people who have come and asked me for advice is try to set up a program where you're maybe going a maximum 45 minutes every other day as far as the lifting is concerned. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday throw in some light physical work-out such as walking, maybe some golf or even light jogging.

And I think if you can be consistent and actually get it into your routine every day, you are going to work out at 4:00 regardless. That's just part of your day, just like going to work. You have to be there, you have to do it. As long as you can make it part of your day, I think that's the best way to stay healthy through your 30s and 40s, along with the proper nutrition. And if you don't get the proper nutrition, which a great many people don't get, then I think that Designer Foods are excellent.

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