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We hope you'll find our site to be a user-friendly resource for information relating to nutrition and its role in human health and well being, life extension and disease prevention.

Each day brings forth new and conflicting information on issues that directly affect human health, longevity, mental performance and quality of life. Filtering through the marketing hype and political agendas surrounding nutritional supplements only adds confusion to an already frustrating task. Our goal is to offer clear, critical and scientifically accurate information for those interested in nutritional and life-enhancing supplements. Our relationship to the products we offer is based on daily use. We offer ourselves as users of, researchers into and providers of some of the finest cutting-edge supplements currently available.

Smart Basics is recognized for pioneering the introduction of alternative Smart Drinks and Smart Bars in 1991. We've since grown into a unique mail order operation committed to providing the finest state-of-the-art nutritional formulas, accurate information and excellence in customer service.

Our approach to choosing the supplements we offer is as unique as it is self-serving. We carry only the same pharmaceutical-grade supplements that we use ourselves. If a new supplement or formula catches our eye, we'll be the first to research the available data to determine if it possesses any real benefits. If we're impressed enough to use a product ourselves, then--and only then--will we introduce it into our catalogue.

Smart Basics formulas are manufactured with only the highest, pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, and are backed up with our unconditional, satisfaction-guaranteed, money-back policy.

We're working hard to forge our rapidly developing site into a positive resource for improving the quality of your life, and we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Yours In Health,

Jim English

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